How Digital Adoption Solutions Improve Employee Productivity?

How Digital Adoption Solutions Improve Employee Productivity?

In the Covid-19 pandemic, most companies faced significant challenges in shifting their workforce to remote. Employees also struggled a big time to adjust to the new normal as they have always needed a myriad of software applications to perform their regular tasks.

Most of those apps often come with minimal instructions. Thus, employees encountered many issues resulting in decreased engagement and low productivity and usage. Moreover, with a remote work environment, the technology dependency is only increasing. Companies worldwide faced such challenges and understood the need for digital adoption solutions (DAS).

In 2019, Gartner presented Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) as a new variety of software for businesses. In 2019, the focus was solely on how DAS contributes to increased sales productivity.

However, after the pandemic in 2020, with the remote work, DAS seems to help to improve employee engagement and productivity, as per Gartner. Hence, companies started adopting Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) to make the most out of their technology investments.

According to Gartner, by 2025, nearly 70% of organizations will use DAS to overcome unsatisfactory application user experiences.

So, What exactly is Digital Adoption Solution? Let us delve deeper.

What is a Digital Adoption Solution?

Yes, with the in-app guidance of DAS, the user can practice using the application as they learn. Thus it reduces the adoption time as there is no gap between receiving training and using the new technology. Though a relatively new technology, DAS is already skyrocketing in popularity.

Features of DAS

  • In-app Training: A DAS enables trainers to teach employees directly inside the application. The users can immediately apply what they are learning. Thus, DAS improves knowledge retention and speeds up productivity.
  • Highly Interactive: These digital adoption platforms walk users through a set of tasks, one step at a time. Thus, it simplifies complex tasks and encourages even new users to learn quickly. That, in turn, increases employee productivity from day one.
  • Automating Tasks: Most Digital Adoption Solutions come with this specific feature. Yes, with DAS, you can automate repetitive tasks that consume your employee’s time. DAS automates tasks with zero human intervention. Thus, your employee can do more productive and challenging work rather than routine, mundane tasks.
  • Software Analytics: With software analytics, trainers can monitor and track how users engage with the tool. Hence, trainers can understand the training needs and implement them effectively, preventing any errors.

The above features have consistently shown proven results in better employee training and effective utilization of technology.

Benefits of Digital Adoption Solution Over Existing Training Methods

Online teaching via learning management systems (LMS) is beneficial. But, they are not interactive and cannot provide immediate feedback to users.

Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) can offer several advantages in the employee training program like

  • Interactive Training Sessions

DAS allows highly interactive training sessions that enhance employee experience, keep them engaged, remain active, and stay productive.

  • Personalized Training:

In the traditional classroom approach, one-to-many teaching is prevalent. The trainer will teach the same topic to many audiences regardless of their skillsets and needs. Thus, the subject may be irrelevant to some.

Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS) provides a personalized training experience to every user, encouraging them to learn at their own pace. Yes, it offers relevant information at the right time to the right person.

  • Context-based training:

Most training programs or even education often encounter a predominant problem, that is, learning and forgetting. We all have been through that. We learn we forget, we relearn, and the process goes on and on.

We can overcome this challenge with Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS). Users will learn something they need and apply it immediately. So, forgetting the concept is less likely. You learn what you need and when you need it with DAS.

  • Scalability:

Many traditional or even online training approaches are not scalable because of high costs. Trainers have to update the learning content periodically that involves more work and money.

With Digital Adoption Solutions (DAS), all you need is the same infrastructure, irrespective of the organization size.

  • Reduced Content Creation Time:

DAS generates content in multiple formats when trainers create a walk-through, reducing the time to prepare and publish training materials. Thus, the trainer can skip the constant upgrading of the content periodically.

So, now, with significant advantages, how can your organization use a DAS to improve its workforce’s performance? Read on.

How Digital Adoption Solution (DAS) Improves Employee Productivity?

Effective Employee Training

Learn and apply is the concept behind DAS. Hence, it shortens the learning curve emphasizing a practical learning approach. Thus, you need not invest in hiring exclusive trainers for explaining complex concepts. Employees can indulge in self-study whenever they need a quick reference.

Assisting Employees On Time

Improved User Experience

Automate Tasks

Reduces Technical Support Costs

Accelerate Employee Onboarding, Training, and Adoption Programs

With DAS, even new employees can be self-reliant and learn software and programs quickly with in-app guidance. Thus, DAS ensures smooth transition of new employees allowing the organization to work towards its business goals.

Improve the ROI of Organization

Final Thoughts

Motivating the workforce and encouraging them to work in a sophisticated environment will lead them towards achieving your organizational goals. As an organization or an entrepreneur, it is your sole responsibility to provide technology and a work-friendly ambiance.

A Digital Adoption Solution (DAS) allows optimal learning experience for the employee, enabling them to use technology, improve productivity and generate better business outcomes.

Adopting the current trend and technology will allow your business to stand apart from the crowd and stay ahead of the competition. Invest in Digital Adoption Solution (DAS) today to accommodate, train and engage your remote workforce effectively. So, you can reap the benefits and better outcomes tomorrow.

Entrepreneur, Founder @Cypherox Technologies.