Top 10 AI Trends You Must Know in 2021

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Innovations keep booming in every industry with advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI). It is hard to find one field that has not adopted AI today. Hands down, AI has revolutionized multiple industries including, information technology, the health care sector, automotive, manufacturing, finance, and more.

Businesses worldwide have embraced AI and machine learning algorithms to improve productivity and ensure good customer engagement. Even people are using these smart machines in their homes to accelerate their work in their hectic schedules. Thus, AI is an innovative trend that can drive massive breakthroughs in multiple industries and bring intelligent solutions for people’s daily hassles.

Furthermore, the boom of AI innovation trends has created a plethora of job opportunities for individuals in numerous sectors. Knowing about the impact of AI in your industry can help you to update yourself with relevant skills.

So, now let’s take a glimpse of the top 10 Artificial Intelligence trends in 2021 and know what innovations are waiting for us in the future.

1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Businesses can leverage RPA to automate something as simple as an automated email response to deploy numerous bots. You can program these bots in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to automate rule-based tasks. Several industries, including manufacturing, knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), Human Resources (HR), and finance, implement RPA for seamless processes.

2. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP solutions employ machine learning models to understand the user’s queries and render the most appropriate answers. Businesses can leverage NLP to automate repetitive tasks, like machine translation, summarization, spell check, etc.

Natural language processing is crucial to businesses as they can analyze large volumes of data, social media comments, customer support tickets, online reviews, reports, and more. All these data can act as valuable insights to improve your business/marketing strategies, thus driving sales.

3. Conversational AI

4. Ethical AI

With the evolving trends, today’s value-based customers expect trustworthy businesses to handle AI more responsibly. So, organizations have to actively choose their business partner committed to data ethics in the coming years.

Giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook are into building ethical AI already. They follow an ethical framework with four essential principles like fairness, accountability, transparency, and explainability.

Ethical AI is the current trend in 2021, and these companies are initiating multiple programs and research, encouraging other companies to adopt ethical AI with personalized strategies.

5. AI in Healthcare

AI can help healthcare organizations to gain better insights on healthcare trends with data analysis and predictive analytics. Thus, they can recommend preventive measures to stop the spread of specific diseases. Lastly, AI solutions enable doctors to remotely track the health of their patients, enabling teleconsultation and remote care.

6. AI in Cybersecurity

With advanced prediction algorithms, the cybersecurity software can identify potential risks, loopholes and find appropriate solutions to enhance cybersecurity. The AI-enabled framework will detect fake digital activity or transactions that match criminal records precisely.

7. Reinforcement Learning

Some use cases of RL are robotics in planning business strategies, optimizing advertisement content, automating industries, controlling aircraft, and constructing motion control robots.

8. Facial Recognition

9. Edge Computing

10. Quantum AI

Plus, quantum computers come in handy to interpret large sets of data in real-time and predict unique patterns faster. Thus, they can help multiple organizations identify inaccessible issues and predict meaningful solutions. In short, quantum AI can bring advancements in several industries like healthcare, finance, and chemistry in the coming years.

Final Thoughts

Nevertheless, AI will also bring an immense impact in other crucial fields like healthcare and banking. Yes, we have already seen many technological advancements in the medical field like faster diagnosis, improving life quality, remote healthcare, etc. The same goes with the finance sector too. With AI, secure digital transactions are made possible with face recognition.

Business owners should stay aware of the recent technologies and trends. So, they can implement them for their businesses quickly and stay ahead of their competitors. Even if you are a working professional or general public, knowing the current trends will help you stay updated in your field or live a better lifestyle.

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