Top 10 Sales Strategies to Close Business Deal

Sales Strategies to Close Business Deal

As a business owner, you work hard, market your business, generate leads, visit your prospects and send out quotes. But, at last, you need to close the deal. Yes, sales are your ultimate motive. Without sales, your business goes nowhere.

No hard feelings. But, no matter how hard you work or how innovative your services are!! If you can’t close sales, your business will suffer. While closing deals comes naturally to some, others can always learn and improve their skills.

No. There are no magic words that you can say to your clients and close the deal. Making a sale can be challenging. We agree. It is like walking a fine line. You can’t sound aggressive forcing customers into an uncomfortable deal. But as a business owner, you have to close the deal more confidently.

Again, it is all about customers. Always try to help your customers in identifying their needs. Then, show them how your product/service can provide an affordable solution to them. With these basics, you can always improvise your sales by adopting proven sales strategies that are widely followed by business personnel worldwide.

Mastering sales techniques will take time, just like any other skills. Keep patience and practice a lot. You will eventually get there.

Now let us see the proven sales strategies that will help you close more sales faster.

1) Gain Your Prospect’s Trust

Gaining your prospect’s trust must be your priority from the very first day. Show them that you value their time and their business. Stay committed and keep up your words. If you say you will call them back, do so. If you commit to meet them, then show up on time. All these small things matter and set the tone for your relationship with your potential clients.

When you fail to gain their trust in those initial times, you have the risk of losing your clients to your competitors. Using reminders and scheduling software will enable you to keep up with the meetings or calls with your clients. Remember being on time is the least you can do for them.

2) Build Relationships With Your Prospects

Whenever you meet your clients, interact with them. Talk about things other than your business. Try to build a genuine rapport with them. Prospects will prefer a business owner who interacts over a contractor who only shows up.

So, interact with your clients on a more fun level than only doing the service and getting paid. People prefer such easily approachable business when they have to decide between two companies for the same service.

Also, keep the conversations simple and avoid using jargon while explaining your business. Be empathetic and show genuine interest in their needs, concerns, and lifestyle. Then, go ahead and explain how your product/service will help them fulfill their needs.

It will take time for sure, and you have to practice patience. Showing yourself as a credible business in front of potential clients is the key here.

3) Create Curiosity

Sales experts advise not to ask too many questions and proceed with the action. For instance, consider you are into the vacuum cleaner business.

If you keep asking your prospect for many questions like:

  • Do you want to know about our new vacuum cleaner?

Probably the answer for all of these questions can be a big NO. Thus, to avoid that, you need to create interest by describing your products and their benefits beforehand.

A few decades ago, marketing professionals used a sales technique called cold calling. Cold calling suggests salespeople contact individuals directly and explains their products/services without getting prior consent from the prospects. But, you need not approach prospects abruptly. You can reach them with an advance appointment and explain about your product/services.

Hence, in the vacuum cleaner case, you can introduce yourself and start giving a demo. Then you can provide an estimate depending on the services they prefer. Thus, you will provide all information without a no.

Be proactive and show reasons to choose your business even if your prospects are not looking for it.

4) Create and Send Detailed Quotes Promptly

Send a detailed quote soon after the initial assessment and be transparent with the prices. Send the price for each part or service instead of sending a lump sum.

That will help the client to approve the quote immediately without having to ask any questions. Thus, you can avoid the delay or further explanations with the price.

5) Follow Up Your Clients

As simple an idea as it sounds, it is often an excellent sales technique that helps you close deals with minimal effort. You might have sent quotes to your prospective clients many times. How many times have you heard back from them? Mostly no.

You may end up thinking that they are not happy with the price and went with a competitor. But in reality, many clients do not respond to quotes as they are busy with their lives. Thus, experts suggest calling or email your prospects if you are yet to convert your quote.

So, yes, follow up. Close more sales than you can ever imagine.

6) Turn Your Existing Customers into Your Brand Ambassadors

One effective sales strategy that can do wonders for your business is letting your existing customers sell your products for you. People trust reviews from other customers than from the brand itself. Yes, feedback, references, and success stories act as social proof that helps you boost sales.

Apart from your existing clients, you can also share how you helped your previous customers with your products/services. More than a mere reference, inspire them by sharing your former customer’s challenges and how they achieved results with your business. Thus, you can convert your current prospects into your new customers by sharing the success stories of your existing customers.

7) Focus on Existing Customers

As they say, it is always easier and less expensive to convince an existing customer than to gain a new customer. It is because they have already enjoyed your products/services.

You can use the following sales techniques with your existing customers and boost your sales.

  1. Analyze your customer’s needs and try to up-sell and cross-sell.

More than great products/services, customers now want a great shopping experience. So, train your team not to be sales-oriented and assist your existing customer’s problems with prompt solutions.

8) Leverage Technology

Even if you are doing good in sales, always keep an eye on evolving expectations of the consumers. Thus, you can re-evaluate your sales techniques and stay ahead.

Most businesses generate leads online these days. Online customers often prefer quick and immediate response online over a call. Thus, you have to limit calls as far as possible and address queries and follow-ups online.

Furthermore, people want simple, convenient, and quick payment options. Online payment integration is mandatory for all businesses today, no matter what industry you belong to or what you sell. Cash payments are rare, but you can have cash on delivery options too.

9) Know Your Limits

It may sound counterintuitive, but it is true. Salespeople often tend to be too pushy. Unintentionally, they always think and talk about product features and benefits.

However, it will backfire sometimes. You will end up embarrassing the clients and not close the deal. They will move on to your competitor, who made them feel relaxed and comfortable.

So, take breaks and disconnect yourself from the sale. That way, you can give some space and time for customers to decide. However, you can always meet them at an agreed time, listen to their problems and educate them on available solutions. You will not lose them for giving them space and time to think.

10) Close Deals Confidently

You can start practicing all the above or any of the sales strategies to close more sales faster. However, no matter how hard you have worked to establish relationships, trust, and follow-ups, you will still need to ask for the sale.

But, you need not be pushy. Be confident and have respectful and meaningful conversations with your prospects. You can give them options and keep the conversation open. By speaking confidently, they will trust your abilities and your business.

Final Thoughts

Sales experts often insist that sales are more of an art than science. Also, there is a psychology associated with every business. If you do a thorough market study and research your target audience’s needs and problems, you can offer better products/services matching their needs.

It is much easier to sell a most-wanted and beneficial product. Isn’t it? Thus, businesses must always focus on solving the target audience’s problems. Then the sales will happen automatically.

You can always apply the above-discussed simple and easy-to-use sales strategies and drive maximum sales.

Entrepreneur, Founder @Cypherox Technologies.