Any business, regardless of the industry, cannot create products/services for everyone. Yes, how big your business is or how reputed your organization is, or how quality your products/services are, you cannot satisfy everyone. And, of course, not everyone will need your products/services. Even if they need it, not all can…

Marketing automation software allows marketers to automate their marketing tasks and actions across multiple channels, saving their time, energy, and money. Businesses can publish social media content, manage email workflows and personalize their marketing communications with the help of these marketing automation tools.

Most businesses across the world use some…

Google used Machine Learning to dramatically improve chip design?

The recent advancements in computer systems and hardware have revolutionized the modern computing system. …

5 Things You Need to Understand for Successfully 
 Investing in Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency investment

Financial experts across the world often advise people to diversify their investments. As the old quote says, never put all of your eggs in a single basket. The Covid-19 pandemic has only reassured that statement as nothing seems to be a safer investment now.

Yes, neither real estate nor stock…

In 2021, with the technology progressing rapidly, experts predict to see around 28 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices by 2025. If you are not aware of IoT yet, it is nothing but a system of internet-connected objects. They gather and transfer data over the internet without any human intervention.

There is no second opinion in acknowledging the importance of software testing. We all know it is crucial to test the software to verify whether it meets the requirements and ensures it is error-free.

Yes, when you develop software, errors may appear in any phase of the life cycle. So…

Art with Machine Learning, Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence(AI)/Machine Learning(ML) has already revolutionized various industries like Manufacturing, Information Technology, Finance, Healthcare, and more in the past few decades.

After witnessing the reinforcement learning techniques of AI, AI seems to be much more than a technology to streamline processes. …

Brand Yourself on Social Media, Social MediaSocial

It is not surprising that brands leverage social media endlessly to market their business and boost their online visibility. Of course, they want more clicks, likes, and shares and ultimately more sales.

But, modern customers want to know the people behind the brands these days. They expect a human touch…

Edge Computing, Cloud Computing, Edge vs Cloud, Edge, Cloud Computing

A few decades ago, the server took care of all computational tasks while the client handled only input and output. That ended up with a high load on the server-side.

Thus, the client-server model came into existence to sort out the problem. But, it may get overloaded when all clients…

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Industry, Augmented Reality, AR in Manufacturing Industry, Amazing Ways to Use Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Industry
(Source: Viarbox — medium)

Augmented Reality (AR) is an emerging technology that creates an enriched version of the actual physical world by using various digital visual elements, auditory and other sensory information to enable an interactive experience for users.

Of course, there is no better example than Pokemon Go to understand AR precisely. Augmented…

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